Protecting My Car

Check Your Car Before A Trip

If you are planning to take your car on a long trip, it is a good idea for you to make sure you check the car out and verify that it is ready for long distance travel. It's never fun to get stranded in a car that is having mechanical issues, but it's an even worse thing to have happen to you when you are miles away from home and away from anyone you know who can come to your rescue. Follow the step-by-step tips in this article to decrease the likeliness of your car having mechanical issues on your trip:

Check the brakes and brake fluid

Take a look at the brake fluid to make sure it is past the low line and under the full line. If it is getting close, or under the low line then you want to make sure you add some. Don't put in too much at a time, you don't want it to go over the full line.

Take the car for a spin around the block to check a few things, one of them being the brakes. Keep the stereo off and roll down your window to listen to the car. Pay attention when you stop and make sure you don't hear any grinding or squeaking sounds coming from the brakes. If you do hear these sounds, have a brake technician look at your brakes before your trip.

Check the oil

Make sure the car is off and sitting on level ground. Use a paper towel or clean rag to clean off the dip stick in the motor oil compartment, then carefully put the stick back in and pull it out again. It should have oil on it that's between the low and full line. If not, add oil until it goes there on the stick. Also, look at the sticker placed on your windshield from your last oil change and make sure it's not time to get the car back in.

Check the sound of the motor

Listen to your car while you are standing outside of it. Make sure you don't hear any weird sounds, such as knocks, squeals or anything else that doesn't sound right to you.

If your car has been making any strange noises or leaving drips of oil on your driveway, then it is a good idea to take it in to a repair shop, like Accurate Transmission & Auto Centre Ltd, to have it looked at before you take it on a trip.