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The Realities Behind 3 Myths About Car Maintenance

As a car owner, you know the importance of regularly having your car serviced. Maintenance is necessary to preserve your car and extend the period between repairs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong information about maintenance that can sometimes lead to disrepair. To help ensure your car gets the care it needs, you need to know the difference between maintenance myths and the truth. 

1. Only Dealerships Can Service New Cars

One of the longest surviving myths about car maintenance is that new cars must be serviced by an authorized dealership to avoid voiding the car's warranty. In actuality, you have the legal right to have your car serviced by an independent mechanic without it having any impact on your warranty. 

If your car dealer claims your warranty could be voided, he or she is violating the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The only exception to the law is if the services provided are free of charge. In that instance, the dealer could require that you have your car serviced at a specific repair shop.

2. You Cannot Switch Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Synthetic oils tend to be more expensive than conventional oil. Some car owners believe that once you use synthetic oil, you have no choice but to stick with it because changing could result in engine problems. 

In reality, your car can handle switching between the synthetic and conventional oil. Synthetic oil is usually better for your car, but conventional oil can provide the lubrication your car's engine needs. 

3. Premium Fuel Is Better for Your Car

Another common myth that is widely believed is that using premium fuel in your car is best. Although the fuel is the best grade available, it does not necessary mean it is best for your car. 

In most instances, the performance of your car is not impacted by the grade of fuel you use. The only exception to this is if the manufacturer specifically states that premium fuel is necessary to ensure that the car is operating at its best. The owner's manual for your car should list the type of fuel that you need to use. 

If you are currently using a lower grade of fuel and the owner's manual states that you can, save your money and continue to use the fuel. 

There are many other myths about the proper ways to maintain your car that you can address with a certified mechanic. He or she can help determine what maintenance steps are necessary for your car's performance and create a schedule for performing those tasks.

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